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Beginning Of Farewells by cherriuki Beginning Of Farewells by cherriuki

                        Au Revoir...
                                        To thy selves of past.
                        Au Revoir...
                              To thy memories long forgotten.

                The beginning of farewells...
                                The farewells... to the past.


I had drew this months as always...mistakes/screw ups are present ._.;; please don't look for mistakes LOL Just finished coloring it a few days ago.

I wanted to try drawing a big background and...A SUNSET which kind of..does not looks like sunset anymore. (`A`;; )

I used some sunset photos for reference...but i dont know where they are now OTL will link them when i find;;

Did i mention...scanning this... took me about 7 tries? LOL i wish i didn't draw it on idkwhatsizethisis OTL;; SO there might be some...tiny blurring in places since i had to re-join them on PS.

..I think i changed Tamari's scythe....yet again 8D;;

Media: Reeves/Koh-i-noor watercolor, Art Spectrum Ink, G pen, white poster paint, red/white/black color pencil, silver gel pen.
Time: over 10 hrs...i think
Size: Slightly smaller than A3

Characters (c) me
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Submitted on
April 25, 2011
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